Two Homes

Tigerstadsteatret/Nordby Produksjoner

02/12/2017 - 14:30 - 15:30
From 13 years

The girl you meet in the performance “Two Homes” suddenly finds out her parents will not live together anymore, and that she herself gets a life in two homes.

Last year, 20 000 couples were divorced or separated in Norway, and nearly 25,000 children were divided. From 2010 to 2016, 6 612 children under the age of 18 in Oslo experienced  that their parents divorced. * Toril Solvang and Birgit Nordby have been involved in this dilemma for many years. Four years ago, they began to talk to youths to find out how the young people themselves put into words their experiences of theit parent’s break ups and living in two homes.

Birgit and Toril have especially talked to youngsters who have been part of the ROBUST program. This is the Missionary Church offer to young people who need someone to talk to when they face challenges and conflicts.

This performance is not a true story, but it is inspired by reality. Toril has collected words, themes and important points from the youngsters she has talked to, but the girl you meet in the show does not exist in reality. She’s only on the stage. This performance is designed for those who have experienced this, for those who know someone who has experienced it or you who are afraid that something similar will happen to you in the future. Everyone has their own story and no story is alike! We hope you can find something recognizable, which makes it easier to talk and share your thoughts with others.

In Norwegian.

text and direction: Toril Solvang
after an idea by: Birgit Nordby
scenography and costumes: Elias Kahn
coreographer: Maja Roel
lightdesign and technichian: Kristjan Belgau
composer: Julian Skar and Øyvind Mathisen
dramaturgy: Kristina Kjeldsberg, Dramatikkens Hus


The girl: Andrea Vik
The boy: Henrik Hoff Vaagen
The mother: Birgit Nordby
The father: Martin Karelius Østensen


The performance is produced by Tigerstadsteatret and Nordby Produksjoner.

workshop: Kroloftet ved Frans Friis
design: Tilnærmet Lik


Thank you to our collaborators at Oslo Nye Teater.