Two words 2

Premiere: Two words!

Sagliocco Ensemble

06/12/2018 - 17:00 - 18:00
Fra 16 år

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Language: Norwegian

On stage is a woman, a chair, a purse. The woman pulls different items out of her purse, one by one. A kind of absurd and existential stocktaking, which always starts with “I like … I”. Her entire life is folded out in front of us. She doesn´t find a lot of things, but the few things she finds is not exactly beautiful. Little by little, while the purse gradually empties, the audience is witnessing a story that doesn´t necessarily end well.

Sagliocco Ensemble presents its new project: Phillipe Dorins piece Deux mots! (Two words!), Translated to Norwegian by Christine Amadou, premieres at Showbox. French Philippe Dorin is an award-winning and significant contemporary playwright for a young audience. Dorin’s words often go to the essentials of life: how to manage to eat, to sleep, to fill the loneliness, how to not forget, to get out of trouble. The precious humor and elements of the poetic-absurd in the text also have a depth, a layer of dark seriousness and a lyrical structure one can relate to.


Actor/Concept: Guandaline Sagliocco
Direction: Anne Mali Sæther
Translator (French to Norwegian): Christine Amadou
Music/Sound design: Magnus Børmark
Light: Jean Vincent Kerebel
Producer/Inspector: Amel Mahi
Sound: Jarl Einar Ottestad
Lighting technician/Boy on stage: Hans Petter Henriksen
Props: Maria Løkken


The performance was produced with support from Spenn, Fond for Lyd og Bilde, Fond For Utøvende Kunstnere, Telemark Fylkeskommune and Porsgrunn kommune.