Under the sea

Under the sea

Krible Produksjoner

01/12/2022 - 12:00 - 12:30
Fra 2 år

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Why are fish so smooth? Why does the octopus run so fast?
What do the tentacles of the jellyfish look like?

Sitting on a sail, the children are taken on a journey under the surface of the sea where they get to meet two sea creatures and get to greet the animals that live there.
Through an absurd and playful encounter, the children can touch, feel, pick up and hug all the animals they meet.

On this joint journey, together with the children, through wonder and reflection, we want to focus on the problem of plastic in the sea.

Join us on a magical and playful journey under the sea surface!

Best suited for children aged 2-4 years.


Choreography: Elise Bakke

Co-creating performers: Sofie Westvik and Rein Oskar Evensen

Music: Anne Ingrid Tangen Kiær

Scenography: Pippip Ferner

The performance is a co-production with Bærum Kulturhus – Dans Sørøst-Norge, and is supported by Spenn.no and Oslo municipality

Photo: Erika Hebbert