Viral 1


Unge Viken Teater

06/12/2019 - 12:30 - 13:30
14 and up

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Arthur and Stian are 14 years old. They would like to be famous and popular at school. But how do you achieve that? By making a YouTube channel of course! With shock value… But maybe they shouldn’t have posted that video of their teacher… When they realise what they’ve done, it’s too late. The video clip has gone viral.

In the award winning show VIRAL two actors juggle 27 different characters! The show received the prestigious Mathilda Award for Best Independent Production in 2016. Unge Viken Teater is the first theatre to produce the show outside of Australia.


Target group: 14 and up
Lenght: 60 minutes
Language: Norwegian

Text: Sam Foster og Hayden Jones
Original production: Shock Therapy Productions
Dramaturgy: Øystein Ulsberg Brager
Actors: Simen Tranulis og Sveinung Oppegaard
Technician: Veronika Andersen
Norwegian translation: Peder Opstad
With: Tarjei Westby og Simen Tranulis
Direction: Sam Foster og Hayden Jones
Sound design: Guy Webster
Scenography: Ylva Andra Owren
Music: Guy Webster
Photo: Lars Opstad
Technicians: Elaine Maltezos and Paulucci Araujo Bakke

Teachers Guide: Redd Barna