Who's gonna save fireman Børre?

Who’s gonna save fireman Børre?

Teater Spillebrikkene

02/12/2021 - 13:00 - 13:50
From 8 years

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Børre will participate in the firefighters world championship. His mother, Britt Brenna, fire constable, helps with a hard training program for her son to reach the goal. Simultaneously with school and homework, the supermacho tennis coach drives Børre to extremes at tennis training. Beautiful Cassandra with buck teeth, loves that Børre is going to be a firefighter and world champion. The pressure of expectations and the demands increase from all sides, and he won’t disappoint anyone…


We must perform! We must be the best! We will improve and get even better!
Teater Spillebrikken’s performance “Who will save Brannmann Børre” is a sore, fun and thought-provoking puppet show that deals with the pursuit of achievement, pressure, mastery and unrest around one’s own identity in children and young people.


Of and with: Teater Spillebrikkene, Hedda Munthe and Inger Gundersen
Directed and edited by: Tomas Adrian Glans
Dolls and costumes: Marthe Brandt
Composer / Musician / Sound design: Julie Gusrud Gundersen
Puppet master consultant: Suzanne Paalgard
Set design: Gøril Rostad
Set design consultant: Even Børsum
Lighting design: Ole Christian Rønningen
Technician: Ingard Aabo
Poster: Eivind Gulliksen
The performance is supported by: Kulturrådet, Dramatikkens Hus, Spenn, Fund for performing artists and Fund for freelancers