One Norwegian - over 20 different characters!

Why Even Bother

Joakim Gunby

04/12/2019 - 20:00 - 21:00
14 and up

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One Norwegian – over 20 different characters! 

In this dark, audio-heavy, one-man comedy we get a glimpse into the world of Main Character and the everyday struggles of his ’normal’ life. This performance focus on a young Norwegian in London who is trying keep going when life keeps kicking him in the balls.  

Even the best of us will end up asking ’Why even bother?’ when faced with Co-worker and his collection of cat pictures, or when Flatmate greets you with: 
“We’re out of food. I’ll be in my room watching Amish MILF porn.” 

This piece of new writing is relatively absurd and stands out from most other comedy shows in regard to its use of sound and voice-over.
Joakim uses his voice-over talents and experience to create and embody the variety of characters featured within it. The show creatively combines audio and physical performance, providing a refreshing take on the subject matter. 

Target Group: 14 years and up
Lenght: 50 min
Language: English

Text/Playwright: Joakim Gunby 
Performer: Joakim Gunby 
Light: Erlend Grønvold Hanssen 
Sound: Andrea Therese Fostervold 
Audio: Ben Smith 
Technician: Erlend Grønvold Hanssen and Andrea Therese Fostervold 
Producer: Wenche Haugen Bjørlo