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Hannah has a mom and a dad and strawberry plants on the balcony. As every year, she looks forward to the strawberries ripening. But this year everything will be different, because mom and dad have suddenly decided to divorce.

The Guljerven Award 2021

Have you nominated your favorites for Gulljerven? 2020 and 2021 have been a tough year for actors in the field of performing arts, and therefore it is all the more important to celebrate properly! The nominations will come from the performing arts field itself, and we encourage everyone to think about breadth and diversity when you nominate. The prize is awarded during this year’s Showbox, the first week in December.

Harry Påtter to Showbox

In Harry Påtter (with Å) it is not wizards, but magicians who are taught at Hogwarts. Meet them Thursday 2 December

Everything we do not say – Unge Viken Teater

“Everything we do not say” weaves together three newly written stories about truth, lies and everything in between. The playwrights Amy Black Ndiaye, Julian Karenga and Melike Leblebicioglu write about three characters who are firmly planted in their respective dilemmas. It’s about belonging, but not feeling at home.

2021: Showbox without live shows

We had been looking forward to seeing children, young people, families and delegate audiences in the hall at all 15 live performances that were to play at this year’s Showbox, but that was not the case. The 16th edition of Showbox will be, to put it mildly, very different than before.

See you next year

The showbox’ christmas tree is turned off, the poster wall is down and the last performance is played on the 15th edition of Showbox. Thanks to all grown and young audience members, partners from home and abroad, venues, companies, performers, technicians, volunteers, Young Voices, international delegates, all who have participated in professional events, mingles and parties.

Everybody has a story to tell

Young people feel loneliness more intensely and more frequently than any other age group, new research has found.

One Norwegian – over 20 different characters!

After a successful run in Edinburgh, Joakim Gunby is taking his one man show ‘Why Even Bother’ to Showbox. In this dark, audio-heavy, one-man comedy, we get a glimpse into the world of ’MAIN CHARACTER’ and the everyday struggles of his ’normal’ life. This performance focus on what it’s like being a young foreigner in […]

Academic program at Showbox

During Showbox we offer you professional input throughout the week. It’s free for everyone, but since the spaces are limited, we want you to sign up by sending us an email. Most of the talks and seminars are in Norwegian, but the GREAT Art for Young Children is in English. And everything is free!

Minimal Animal is cancelled

Unfortunately, the performance Minimal Animal is cancelled. Purchased tickets will be refunded. Instead we will show the performance “At the bottom of the ocean”, more information to come.

Showbox Inclusive

Here you can find performances for the young audience that is not programmed by us, but as guests of Showbox you get a nice festival discount.

Claire Parsons Co with Grass to Showbox

The stage is covered with grass and half a car is about to enter. Two red-headed figures and a coffee craving neighbor appear. Here in the grass, anything can happen!

8 kilo of gold confetti

The heart explodes in confetti. 8 kg of gold in millions of pieces fly,
sticks to the skin. The gold is slippery. I’m losing my balance.

Monstrene kommer

What strange creatures the puppets of Duda Paiva are! They have funny heads. They have wings and tails but also arms and legs… what are they? Animals, humans, or both? And they look so sweet and touchable… but are they?

Save the date!

As you can see, this year’s Showbox date is set! Save the week from December  3rd to the 8th, and we’ll meet again in Oslo. We are already working on the program, looking forward to releasing the first performances in not too long. Tickets are being put up for sale after summer vacation.

See you again next year!

  6 days, 23 different performances, 37 shows, 7 academic talks, 3 bus routes, 3 parties, 26 collaborators, 16 countries, 22 wonderful companies, 2 EU-projects, Young voices, TEENs, fantastic volunteers and technicians, national and international delegates and audience: goodbye for now, you are fantastic, see you next year!  

Forgotten: critically acclaimed dance performance from Simone Grøtte

During the Arctic Arts festival in Harstad, Simone Grøtte premiered Glemt, which deals with the forced evacuation of Finnmark during the war. “I have grown up in Finnmark and have had the history of war close. There are so many tracks after the war, yet I knew so little”, dancer and choreographer Simone Grøtte tells […]

De Dansers opens Showbox!

True to tradition, we invite you to the opening of Showobox; Tuesday 28th of November at Black Box in Oslo. They’re living on the wrong side of the road, in then gutter of the world. It is dark there, you keep the door locked. You have to be tough, very tough. Disciplined and unafraid to […]