International delegates

Do you want to visit Showbox? We offer several services for international delegates visiting us. Please contact Gabrielle Haga, gabrielle@scenekunstbruket.no if you want to visit the festival and we will inform you of our delegates program, accommodation, guided routes, transportation, services, restaurants and festival encounters and networking. 

About the festival

Oslo, 27. November – 2. December 2023. 

Showbox is an international festival of performing arts for children and young people, organized by Scenekunstbruket.

Every year in December, at several venues in Oslo we present a varied range of innovative contemporary performances of different genres and formats. Showbox is a festival, a showcase and a meeting point for artists, organizers and everyone whose interest lies in performing arts for a young audience.

The festival also has lectures, seminars, social events and networking events, to contribute to the further development and strengthening of performing arts for children and young people. 

The festival was established in 2005, and since then we have become an important performing arts festival for children and young people in Norway.

Delegates artistic program

We offer a special designed program for delegates, with non-verbal performances or less text based. We can also offer an English synopsis for text based performances. This years international delegates program runs from 28th November to 1st December.

We will have a host that will guide you through Oslo from venue to venue. Get in touch if you want to be a part of the international delegates group.

Delegates academic and networking program

Important events for Showbox 2023:

  • 28th November: Official opening
  • 29th November: Seminar about the Creative Europe project Performing arts as the Third place for the young audience.
  • 29th November: Networking event
  • 30th November: Festival party

Networking and contact
Are you interested in a specific Norwegian artist, institution, or organization? Get in touch and we can introduce you and schedule a meeting during your stay.

Do you want to book your own tickets? You can do so, by following this link:
Festival package Showbox 2023 (change language at the top right corner of the page)


Do you have any questions or queries, please contact senior advisor Gabrielle Haga at gabrielle@scenekunstbruket.no
telephone +47 99290146