Do you want to volunteer at Showbox 2023?

Do you want to volunteer at this year's Showbox? We are looking…
Førpremiere: Å leve videre

Premiere: To live on

It feels like I'm going to die. Everytime.The heart is pounding,…

Ant Invation!

What's happening? Ants the size of people occupying the school…
Little (S)

The little Swan Lake

Claire Parsons co performance LILLA SVANSJÖN was made for Unga…
Break her new

A crime story about sorrow and loss

"Break her new" is a crime story and a story about processing…


UVENTA takes us on a physical and visual performing arts experience…

Project Dictator

… or why democracy is overrated and I don't miss it at all. Project…

Chameleon Skills

"The Chameleons" is about growing up and cross-cultural identity.…
Kaleidoscope 1


In collaboration with Dansens hus, we invite you to Shi Pratt's…

Fall and float like a balloon

In the EU project PUSH+, dancer Martijn Joling from Norway met…
Bibliotek-Karens Bibliotek

Meet Librarian-Karen

"I have to investigate that!" says Library-Karen. Because in…
Påkemon (med Å)

Påkemon (with Å)

Æsj Ketchup has finally turned ten years old and is now ready…

The Egg

One early morning, the forest comes to life, and a forest elf…
Rock me baby

Rock me baby

Five grown men dance, sing and play catchy newly written rock…
Velkommen til Showbox 2023 1

Welcome to Showbox 2023!

The dates for this year's festival are set, November 28 –…
Thank you!

Thank you!

The last festival guests are now on their way with the magical tram transport towards the North Pole and it is possible that some children still refuse to leave the scenography of the Lava Forest, but Showbox is over for this year. What a festival it has been!

Are you going to one or more of the seminars and workshops?

Skal du på flere forestillinger, eller ett eller flere av fagprogrammene? Da anbefaler vi deg å melde deg på som delegat.
Culture minister opening Showbox

Minister of Culture and Equality Opens Showbox

Det er oss en ære å kunne fortelle at kulturminister Anette Trettebergstuen åpner årets Showbox, tirsdag 29. november på Black Box teater.
Scenekunstbruket leads new EU-project, get a preview at Showbox

Scenekunstbruket leads new EU-project, get a preview at Showbox

Etter å ha deltatt i 4 EU-prosjekt som partner har vi nå tatt steget opp til å lede et prosjekt. Våren 2022 søkte vi Kreativt Europa om midler til et treårig prosjekt, og nå har vi blitt tilbudt støtte. På årets Showbox blir det mulig å få innblikk i det kommende prosjektet og hvordan vi skal jobbe gjennom en workshop 29. november på Piltoscenen på Kloden teater.
The Lava Forest

Ingri Fiksdal’s new performance for children

Mysterious creatures emerge from the floor. They have crooked…
Premiere: Nordpolen Magiske Trikketransport

Feil teater brings us Nordpolen Magiske Trikkevogntransport (North Pole Magical Tramcar)

Critics and audience were delighted by last year's christmas…
Premiere: Berre ein hund

Premiere: Berre ein hund (Just a Dog) – Hege Haagenrud

I forestillingen BERRE EIN HUND - en rekonstruksjon gjenforteller barn i alderen 3-7 år en historie slik de husker den.
Parasite: Join the house artists at Kuben upper secondary school

Do you want to try yourself as a house artist together with Landing at Kuben upper secondary school?

Bli med Landing og test ut hvordan det er å være huskunstner med dem på Kuben videregående skole!
Inn i det ukjente

Into the Unknown

Are you at a crossroads in life and need advice? Do you have questions about your future? About our common survival or doom? Is there something you go and ponder that you almost dare not think aloud? Then you have a unique chance to get answers.
Fagprogram på Showbox

Strategic marketing for performing artists

Making yourself or your own projects visible in the performing arts can be overwhelming, small and feel arbitrary. Few of us are trained in marketing and the little we can do has been created through the well-known trial and error method. If you recognize yourself, then you read on.
The Mechanical Garden 1

The mechanical garden

The two friends Fio and Lyria live in a beautiful garden where they plant vegetables and enjoy eating applepie, drink tea and listen to music every day. One day a mysterious figure enters the garden and wants to hang a new bird box.
Never AFK 1

Never AFK

Never afk (away from keyboard) is a performance for young people, which explores virtual reality and identity through the concept of gaming addiction.


Do you remember anything from when you were inside mom's belly? How was it really there? Join in on a underwater dream journey where you dive into history with two strange creatures.
Stories about (not) coming home 1

Stories about (not) coming home

For us in Norway, freedom of speech and practicing an art you are passionate about is a matter of course, this is not the case for Gato. Yet he chooses, as he himself says, the dance 100 out of 100 times.
Monster i magen

Monster i magen

When the girl's mother dies, the Girl discovers that a monster has moved into her stomach. The monster refuses to move out and makes her do all sorts of stupid things.