Do you want to volunteer at Showbox 2023?

Do you want to volunteer at this year’s Showbox?

We are looking for volunteers in the period 28 November to 2 December.
We need volunteers who can work both during the day and in the evening, and are flexible in terms of workload. Feel free to contact us and we will find a solution!

As a volunteer, you will help with hosting, ticketing, practical tasks, decorating, assisting Norwegian and international delegates etc.
You will have the opportunity to see performances for free, aimed at children and young people, as well as participate in professional events related to the performing arts.
We promise that you will also have a particularly pleasant festival experience!

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About Showbox:
Scenekunstbruket established the annual performing arts festival Showbox in 2005. Our aim was to strengthen performing arts skills in the target group of children and young people, and to present new artistic projects to a wide audience from all over the country. The festival is being organized this year for the 18th time and has both nationally and internationally become a very important performing arts festival with a focus on children and young people.