Break her new

A crime story about sorrow and loss

“Break her new” is a crime story and a story about processing grief.

Erika, her twin sister, mother, and father live on a small island in the Norwegian Sea. One day, Erika finds her sister injured by the river. She and the new neighbor Guten (Boy) help her home, but during the night her sister disappears. What happened? Did she go willingly, or did someone want to hurt her? Someone at school? Perhaps Guten? Will they find her alive?

Grief, fear and confusion affects Erika and the relationships around her and create cracks in her reality to the point that one can no longer trust character, time, place, and situation.

The play is written in a poetic language with unnerving drive and in a form that creatively and suggestively follows the protagonist Erika’s subjective experience of losing her sister. When Erika’s world collapses, so does the script, and we join her down into loss of reality, doubt, despair, and fear.

Karoline Una Moen Karoline Una Moen is a playwright and dramaturg from Northern Norway. She holds an MA in Writing for Stage from RCSSD in London and has started a PhD at the same university. Her work has been shown at festivals such as Collisions Festival London and Malta International Theatre Festival. In 2020 she took part in Unge Viken Teater’s playwrighting program where she developed the script ‘Break her new’. Some of her latest work include the plays ‘Dyregrava’ (2022), which was developed with support from Unge Viken Teater, ‘Brennøye’ (2022) – a commission for Svømmehallen Scene and the project ‘moja på tvoja’ (2022) together with Pikene på Broen.