UVENTA takes us on a physical and visual performing arts experience – a symbiosis of dance, parkour, technology, and media.

In UVENTA, we move between different layers of time and “reality.”

Two parkour performers, a musician, and live video and light projections lead us through unexpected transitions and shifts between these realities – into a surreal, multidimensional space.

UVENTA allows us to get close to the two parkour performers. We feel how they are human, here and now: They must negotiate weight and gravity, find grips, help each other. They take risks, become tired and red-faced, perch, climb, or fall, balance over the audience. Shifts. The scenography, a massive structure of pipes and “clamps,” transforms into shadow cities and a flow of pixels and light that engulf the people and bodies. An invisible structure of networks and connections. The bodies gain an unimaginable range and imprint.

Multiplying algorithms, staged identities, games, traces, and surveillance – everything becomes fluid and fleeting. Parkour’s paths in the network of information shift us back again – to the performers, the real bodies, and what they can incredibly achieve. It is parkour with extreme physicality but in a minimalist way.

UVENTA allows the audience to be overwhelmed but also to recognize in their own bodies – the risk and, not least, the playfulness.

Antero Hein challenges parkour’s usual dynamics into a distinctive scenic expression.