Fagprogram på Showbox

Strategic marketing for performing artists

Making yourself or your own projects visible in the performing arts can be overwhelming, small and feel arbitrary. Few of us are trained in marketing and the little we can do has been created through the well-known trial and error method. If you recognize yourself, then you read on.

This autumn, we are putting together a professional marketing menu that you can take with you on a dark winter night in your freelance life. A best-of, pick-and-mix program consisting of courses and seminars that will enable you to fix the good posts on SoMe, as well as give you insight into the secret algorithms your project needs to reach the right group of enthusiasts .

With this professional program, we hope to provide you with the tools you need to create good marketing and reach your audience in a way that safeguards your artistic integrity. It should feel good.


The seminar is a collaboration between the Actors and Dancers Alliance and SHOWBOX and is carried out with grants from Business Internal Training at Oslo Municipality.