Star Wårs (with an Å) 2

Star Wårs (with an Å)

Madam Pysj

06/12/2018 - 11:00 - 11:45
Fra 10 år

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Language: Norwegian

When we play, it’s not always easy or important to stick to the original story. And sometimes it may be as good, or even better, to mix the stories around!

Doesn´t Star Wars remind us of more traditional adventures, with knights, princesses, and evil bad guys that must be overcome? In 40 minutes, the actors, helped by the children in the audience, gives a performance full of laughter, surprises and lots of music, which you will enjoy whether you love Star Wars or have never heard of it before.


Direction and script: Joakim Borgen
Performers: Kristoffer Veiersted, Eirin Schou Fævelen, Joachim Joachimsen, Joakim Borgen
Sound design: Bror Kristiansen