Together Alone

Together Alone

Tora Brekke/Rom for dans

03/12/2019 - 12:30 - 13:00
16 and up

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Together Alone explore the meeting between humans. How are we, together? How are we, alone? May it be that the feeling of being alone intensifies by being together? Or is it through being together that we truly experience being alone?

I invite you to a space that’s open and interactive. Together we´ll be listening to the radio show “Everything that´s been said”, meet each other, experience change in the room, body and time.

I welcome you.

“Welcome to your life, this is what you came for. I look at all the lovely people sitting in this boring room, and all that you will see is just another party girl.”

Tora Brekke graduated BA in Dance Art and Choreographic Thinking at The University College of Dance Art, in June 2019.

Targetgroup: 16 years and up
Length: 25 minutes
Language: English and Norwegian

Text: Tora Brekke
With: Tora Brekke
Choreography: Tora Brekke
Light: Tora Brekke
Sound: Tora Brekke
Scenography: Tora Brekke
Costumes: Tora Brekke
Music: – Tears for Fears, Fools Garden, Dakabraka, Ariel Pink, Molly Nilssson, Robyn, Billie Eilish, Calvin Harris and Rihanna, Marlon Williams and Aldous Harding, Lemon Jelly
Video/audio: Tora Brekke
Photographer: Joshua Jacob Bobadilla
Technician: Thea Åretun Svensson
Co-produced: Rom For Dans
Supported by: Rom For Dans