Antero Hein

29/11/2023 - 11:30 - 12:30
From 12 years

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UVENTA takes us on a physical and visual experience – a symbiosis between dance, parkour, technology and media.

Between different layers of time and reality, we meet two parkour performers and a musician who, together with live projection of video and light, take us on unexpected transitions into a surreal, multidimensional space.

UVENTA lets us get close to the two parkour athletes. We get to feel how they are human, make decisions: they have to negotiate weight and heaviness, find a grip, help each other. They take risks, get red and tired, wobble, climb or fall, balance over the audience.

The scenography itself is a massive construction of pipes and “clamps”, which with the help of video projection and light are transformed into shadow cities and streams of pixels and light that devour the people and the bodies.

UVENTA allows the audience to be overwhelmed, but also to recognize the risk, and not least the play.

Antero Hein challenges parkour’s usual dynamics into a distinctive scenic expression.

Duration: 50 minutes
Language: No speech
Target group: From 12 years


Choreography: Antero Hein
Performers: Severin Romer Iversen, Nikolai Arnesen, Tommy Jansen
Composer: Tommy Jansen
Scenography: Carl Nilssen Love
Dramaturg: Cecilie Lindemann Steen
Outer eye: Geir Hytten
Lighting and video design: Reidar Richardsen
Photo: Yaniv Cohen, Antero Hein
Trailer: Antero Hein
Producer: Helle Levang Moum
Producer, costumes and other lighting and video design: Antero Hein

Supported by:

Fond for lyd og bilde, Oslo kommune, SPENN, Forprosjekt og Prosjektstøtte Kulturrådet, Viken Fylkeskommune. Samprodusert av: DansiT, Dansens Hus, Bærum Kulturhus/Sprang (Dans Sørøst Norge)