Varm melk med honning

Warm milk with honey

Maiken Schjøll Frisch

01/12/2022 - 12:30 - 13:45

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In “Warm milk with honey” we meet Ronja and Oda. When the play begins, the young adults are adults, and it is morning. They don’t know each other. Can’t even remember the other one’s name. “What happened yesterday? So we have clothes on..?” And what happens tomorrow? I can’t go back to being me – without you.” The slightly confusing, slightly drunken morning is the start of a beautiful, lifelong love story that includes marriage, childbirth, menopause and old age. But we also get to experience small and large battles related to being queer.

The play “Warm milk with honey” was written by actor Maiken Schjøll Frisch, and is her debut as a screenwriter. With: Vilde Moberg/Tora Dietrichson and Maiken Schjøll Frisch.