Welcome to Showbox, a festival focusing on performing arts for children and young people. This year’s festival kicks off from Tuesday 29 November, until Saturday 3 December 2022.

The festival program is open to everyone, and it is possible to buy single tickets for both performances and professional programs. The program is released continuously, and tickets are on sale from the autumn of 2022.

NB! The performances are shown at various venues and theaters in Oslo, so check your ticket carefully for the correct address. Some of the tickets are being sold by the specific venue. Follow links at

Ticket categories: 

  • Ung is for children and youth until 19 years of age.
  • Scenekort is for holders of Scenekortet, emplyed by institutions who are members of NTO. You need to bring Scenekortet with you and show at the door with this ticket.
  • Voksen is ordinary tickets.

Do you find it difficult to figure out the tickets? Send us an email at and we will help you out.

Quality is one of Scenekunstbrukets most important brands. It is a goal to present performances with good artistic quality and to show performances with different expressions and formats, which cater to different audience groups.

Do not miss exciting days with inspiring performances, renewed knowledge and commitment.

Welcome to Showbox 2022!