30/11/2023 - 18:00 - 18:55
From 15 years

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FARVANN is an autobiographical performance, created by three actors with backgrounds from Norway, Uganda and Nigeria. The performance goes to the core of what it means to be human: Who are you really, and how did you become who you are?

AstaI’m a math problem that doesn’t add up. 
NumaI’m half everything! Half east, half west. Half-brother, half-son, and half-way through life!
MonicaI’m whole.

Together, Monica, Asta and Numa share colorful and dramatic stories that connect past and present – from the Danish-Norwegian slave ship Fredensborg to the actors’ own family stories. At the center of the memories they find their fathers.

MonicaMy father’s name was Ezenwoye. It means king, and he was a king.
AstaMy father was a telefax.
NumaDad says he got kicked out, Mom says he was messing around with all the ladies in town. I believe both of them.

Farvann is both new Norwegian drama and multicultural Oslo history, with stories and memories from an upbringing in Lambertseter, Nordstrand, Bjølsen and the area along the Akerselva River. In the performance, the actors challenge both themselves and the audience to reflect on roots and identity, growing up and rebellion. In the process, they blow up accepted truths and discover new ones.

Duration: 55 minutes
Target group: From 15 years
Language: Norwegian

Queendom v. Ifejilika/Lydersen og Numa Edema

FARVANN is produced by Queendom DA and SPKRBOX
Idea and text: Monica Ifejilika, Numa Edema Norderhaug, Asta Busingye Lydersen
Actors: M. Ifejilika,N.E. Norderhaug, A.B. Lydersen
Director: Mari Kjeldstadli, Oda Radoor
Alternate musician: Ibou Cissokho/ Sidiki Camara
Dramaturg: Oda Radoor and Mari Kjeldstadli
Scenographer and lighting designer: Agnethe Tellefsen
Video designer: Tone Myskja
Choreography baroque dance: Elizabeth Svarstad
Production manager: Rebecca Røsand
Director’s assistant: Rania Broud
Photo: Lars Opstad, Tom Atle Bordevik
Design poster image: Laverne Wyatt