Little (S)

Little Swan Lake (S)

Claire Parsons co.

30/11/2023 - 18:00 - 18:45
From 4 years

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About learning how to fly, floating on a silver lake and taking new steps for flocks of birds.

Claire Parsons performance LITTLE SWAN LAKE was created in 2018 and commissioned by The Royal Dramatic Theater. Instead of the gracious swans, we might be expecting from this classical ballet, some other figures appear on stage, ready to spread their wings, dance on a silver lake, and find the right steps for birds in formation.

An audience favorite and a critical success, LITTLE SWAN LAKE will tour nationally and internationally in collaboration with The Royal Dramatic Theater in 2021-2024

Duration: 45 minutes
Target group: Family show, from 4 years
Language: Swedish/Norwegian


Cast: Mira Björkman, Viktor Gyllenberg, Sanna Lundström
The performance is a touring co-production between Claire Parsons Co. and the Dramaten in Sweden.