Hello 1


Therese Slob Produksjoner

07/12/2018 - 10:00 - 11:00
fra 12 år

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Language: Norwegian

Three young dancers have roots in different cultures. Who are they and where do they belong? Through dance, speech and film, they tell their stories.

Abir has travelled from Yemen. She is a young girl from a culture where girls shouldn´t speak or stand up for themselves. Through dance she finds her inner strength and now she is done living on someone else´s premises. Miko from Eritrea had been on the run alone for months before coming to Norway. Here he has built a new life from scratch and all alone. Bao has grown up in Norway with a Norwegian mother, a Vietnamese father and a foot in each culture. Through dance he found belonging. Baos´ father fled from the Vietnam War and came to Norway in 1975, and Bao carries a story that is older than himself.

A fascinateing strength lives in these young people, who chooses to look forward instead of backwards. Who chooses to thank for what they’ve got instead of being bitter over what they’ve lost. Abir, Miko and Bao – three humans with real stories. But these three not only tell their own stories, but speak on behalf of many young people in similar situations. Hello is a beautiful and strong performance about ​​identity.


Creative dancers: Abir Alyousofi, Milkias Alem, Bao Andre’Nguye
Light: Olav Nordhagen
Sound: Thorleif Silkebæk
Filmmaker: Mathias Eek/Sylskarp
Idea/Concept/Direction: Therese Slob

Co-produsert with Teater Innlandet and Therese Slob Produksjoner
Supported by: Kulturrådet, Spenn, Hamar Fylkeskommune and Fritt Ord