Q&A with Katharine Carol and Norwegian artists 1

Q&A with Katharine Carol and Norwegian artists

Performing Arts Hub Norway og Scenekunstbruket

02/12/2020 - 14:30 - 15:30

Katharine Carol is the Artistic & Executive Director at the Vancouver International Children’s Festival. Carol will facilitate a conversation with four Norwegian companies that were to play during Showbox this year. How do they work with a young audience? What reflections do they make about their artistic lives and the situation of the performing arts field in Norway in the current situation?

Nasser Mhende with Sebastian was to play Balanse, Sudesh Adhana was to perform Nocturnal, Rimfrost teatersensemble was to perform Monster in the tummy and Anne Ekenes with Panta Rei dance theater was to play the performance SOLOS. SOLOS will instead be available as a streamed event.


Photo: Balanse