Veronica Salinas

01/12/2017 - 19:30 - 20:30
From 15 years

Windows is a show of relocation, whether it is self-chosen or enforced. It is also about the importance of being understood and understanding.

The time is 19.07, June, 2017. We hear voices from a bed in Buenos Aires, a junkyard outside Paris, a living room in Karasjok, a beach at Fukushima, a toilet in the United States and a container port in Africa. We hear young voices that wants to leave, go further, go on.

We meet young people with different geographical and cultural backgrounds. Windows opens into a world without clear borders, but where old borders still exists. Windows is an idea that was born in 2008. The author Veronica Salinas had been visiting Buenos Aires and met her brother and his anarchist group. Before she met them, she saw anarchism as an old and romantic idea, but soon realized that for her brother and his comrades the anarchism was more alive than ever. A month later, Salina’s came home to Oslo and read that over 4000 young people had applied to join the Paradise Hotel. That same week, Salinas received a phone from her brother: his best friend had disappeared. He was found dead a few weeks later with a bullet in his head. This started a thought process for Veronica Salinas.

The performance is a collaboration between Veronica Salinas, Jon Tombre, Hålogaland Theater and Sami National Theater Beaivváš

Supported by SPENN.NO, Norwegian Culture Council, Nordic Black Theater and Dramatikkens Hus.