KROMspring: Habitat: a staged workshop

KROMspring: Habitat: a staged workshop

Rom for dans

01/12/2021 - 15:00 - 16:00
From 13 years

HABITAT is a staged dance art workshop that thematizes what a home can be. At a time when homes are disintegrating, people are moving across borders and where the sense of belonging is constantly changing, our relationship with what can be called a home is also changing.

We humans live in a changing time characterized by unrest, change and dissolution, where people move and flee within and across borders, and where the very perception of “home” is constantly changing. People of all ages create homes where they are, or they break up and move to a new place to create a home somewhere else. This is the big backdrop to our theme.

In safe Norway, there are people who have experienced that their homes have disintegrated, or who have come to this country because they or their parents have had to flee. Such an experience can be difficult for those who have not experienced anything other than moving to a larger apartment. At the same time, we receive daily news about climate refugees, war and terror, often in a blissful mix of advertising and news about Farmen celebrity. What do these contrasts do to us? What do young people think about their own situation and position in the world?

In Habitat, we create a playful and serious space where both the small individual experiences and the big themes fit. The students get to take part in a reflection on what makes the individual feel at home, what they need to create that feeling. Why is our home and belonging to a place and to other people so important to us? What do we need to create a home? Do we sometimes also reflect on what it takes to make someone else feel at home, or welcome?

HABITAT as a staged workshop is a further development of a performance of the same name that has previously been played, among other things. in DKS Oslo and at the international festival Oktoberdans in Bergen.


We have a very limited number of tickets. Send email to with request.


Artistic and professional responsibility: Caroline Wahlström Nesse
Playwright: Marius Kjos.
Co-creative performers: Einar Reynisson Grimsby, Marte Kristine Brustad Melhus, Martin Bergo Selsjord
Composer: Martin Ødegaard.
Set designer: Carl Nilssen-Love.
Producer: Room for Dance by Camilla Myhre
Project leader: Martin Bergo Selsjord


a mustering / festival for, by and with children and young people.

The mustering / festival KROMspring is a collection of 5 of our professional works, as well as performances where children and young people themselves are creative and performing.

KROMspring contains workshops and performances produced for DKS where children and young people can participate, experience, create and reflect. The workshops and performances are offered to school classes in Oslo during the day, as well as to a limited adult audience connected to the festival Showbox, arranged by Scenekunstbruket.

On Friday, we arrange in collaboration with ShowBox a workshop on participation.

Our work at Rom for Dans springs from a relational artistic practice that invites interaction, bodily experience and experience. The basis is an overriding artistic goal of seeing the individual, working with inclusion and democracy, and addressing issues that affect being human in encounters with others.

It is a goal that KROMspring will become an annual event. All performances during KROMspring are followed by various writers and researchers who will develop texts for a collection of articles / anthology that deals with creative work, children, young people, participation and reflection.


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