CANCELLED: Crash course in international strategy and presence

CANCELLED: Crash course in international strategy and presence

Assitej/Danse- og teatersentrum

02/12/2021 - 13:00 - 15:00
For scenekunstnere

The performing arts festival Showbox is an arena with an international audience that is interested in Norwegian performing arts and we work closely with festivals and organizations around the world.

Every year, we collaborate with the Dance and Theater Center to get international guests to Showbox, and in that way show Norwegian performing arts to an international audience. We are also members of Assitej who work strategically to promote performing arts for the young audience through its international network.

Dance and Theater Center (DTS) and Assitej Norway are bridge builders between national and international performing arts through collaboration, networking and dissemination. Through Assitej International and through Norwegian Arts Abroad, performing artists gain access to the world’s largest network of performing arts, and knowledge of production and viewing conditions in various regions of the world.

In this crash course in international strategy and presence, Assitej and DTS will give you increased chances to enable your international ambitions. Here they show how you with your artistry and performing arts project (s) best meet programmers and partners with your ideas at festivals and industry meetings. In this course, we work specifically with tools for promotion, marketing and sales of performing arts projects and artistry.


In 2022, Assitej Norway and DTS will travel with delegations of Norwegian artists and producers to various festivals abroad – including Norway Now under the auspices of DTS, and Assitej Artistic Gathering 2022. Here the artists get the opportunity to present their art to an international industry from all continents.

Registration; send email to Ingvild Lien in Assitej: marked: Registration for international course