Official opening of Showbox 2021

Official opening of Showbox 2021


30/11/2021 - 19:00 - 22:00

Welcome to the 17th edition of Showbox. We look forward to gathering you all again in Oslo for performances, professional talks, parties and fun.

This year’s opening performance is SKAUT with Frikar, is a beautiful and energetic dance performance that reflects on the relationship between restrictions and freedom. Our own time is compared to history, and through dance, costumes, lights and music, the dancers look for ways to liberate themselves; from themselves, the group and society. Is the scarf restrictive or liberating? The dancers both tighten and let their hair down through contemporary dance and folk dance.

In the preparations for the production, Frikar spoke with older, female tradition bearers of both folk dance and folk costumes, as well as younger women from different cultures, about restrictions on body image and clothing culture. In Norway, the head scarf has been used to both control and seek freedom. Can Norwegian clothing and movement traditions give a new perspective to today’s use of the hijab? The audience gets to experience five dancers who play on a broad register of expressions and who in different ways take control of how they are viewed.

The choreography is made by Hallgrim Hansegård in collaboration with the co-creative dancers.

Idea and choreography: Hallgrim Hansegård
Composer: Erlend Apneseth Trio
Playwright: Celestine Hennermann
Costume design: Inger Stinnerbom
Costume assistant: Marita Solhjell Ølander
Lighting design: Gard Gitlestad
Co-creative dancers: Anita Vika Langødegård, Sara Enger Larsen, Sigyn Åsa Sætereng, Nora Svenning, Ornilia Percia Ubisse.
Producer: Ingvil Ljones
The performance is co-produced with Beaivva’s Sami National Theater and Bærum Kulturhus. it is supported by the Cultural Council, Fritt Ord, Sparebankstiftelsen DNB, Norsk Tipping, Eckbos Legat, Oppland / Innlandet county municipality, Valdres Nature and Culture Park.