Showbox Fringe: Prisoners of the Occupation

Showbox Fringe: Prisoners of the Occupation

Vega Ung Teater

05/12/2019 - 17:00 - 18:00

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A reading based on a workshop where young actors from Vega Young Theatre encountered the documentary play Prisoners of the Occupation by Israeli playwright Einat Weizman and Palestinian political prisoners.

The play reveals daily life under occupation where one in four Palestinian teenagers can expect to get imprisoned without charges. The play both deals with and embodies resistance as part of the broader movement of cultural resistance against the occupation.

In 2017 the play was banned by the Israeli government, but in spite of the ban it has just managed to premiere on an independent stage in Tel Aviv.

Through work with excerpts from the script and improvisations over the basic themes, the young actors have entered an encounter with an unknown reality.

There will an after talk hosted by artist Vibeke Harper, who just returned from a research trip to the West-bank.

How is hope built on a daily basis?