An enemy of the people - Ibsen for teens

An enemy of the people – Ibsen for teens

How to deal with today’s societal problems when we can no longer talk, listen and discuss with each other?

Doctor Thomas Stockmann and his brother Peter are as different as you can get. Peter is a conservative and a capitalist, Thomas is an idealistic rebel. Thomas practices as a doctor at the city’s spa. Peter is the town bailiff, chief of police and chairman of the spa.

The brothers live side by side in a small Norwegian town, not unlike other small Norwegian towns. One day, Thomas discovers that the water in the spa, the city’s pride and the tourist magnet, are plagued. Fixing the error will ruin the economy and livelihood of the small town. Not correcting the error will ruin people’s health.

One brother has the right to his side, the other has the power. But no one has the answer. Both are stubborn. Both have been violated. Both are selfish.

Three actors alternate in all the roles; Inga-Live Kippersund, Hedda Sandvik and Elisabet Topp.

Philipp Stengele has previously been nominated for the Hedda Award 2016 in the category for best stage text for his text work with Othello and that performance was also nominated in the category for this year’s children and youth performance.

Welcome to An Enemy of the People with Teaterkjøkkenet on Showbox, Tuesday 30 November.