Cirka teater finds its way through caves and towers to Showbox

The stage grows and changes through an exploratory journey, where the three characters Hule (Cave), Tårn (Tower) and Vei (Road) hunt for disappeared areas. 15 children participate in both an interactive preparation process and in the performance. Together, caves, towers and roads are being built to solve the mystery of the dream towers. How is Hule and Tårn going to find each other when Vei is the wrong way?    

Cirka Theater was established in 1984 and is one of the country’s most experienced performing arts companies. They have their base at Nyhavna in Trondheim, where they have produced over 40 performances. The theater’s performances vary in size, from smaller tour performances and productions in collaboration with institutions to large outdoor events. All in the characteristics of a playful visual language.    

There are many artists that contribute to their expression, and the size of each theater team varies with the activity. In full production there may be dozens involved, but the solid core consists of Anne Marit Sæther, Gilles Berger, Espen Dekko and Monica Stendahl Rokne.    

We are looking forward to presenting Cirka Theater at Showbox!

Photo: Tibe Harald Øren